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Platinum accounts are allowed to participate.

Cashback is charged only on the client’s own funds at the end of the month, excluding funds that were deposited during that month. But the cashback profit received at the end of the month is accrued, as well as the profit received for an incomplete billing month.

For example, the total amount of funds in the account at the end of the month, taking into account the results of all open and closed transactions, including bonuses, was $ 130,000. Of these, $ 5,000 is bonuses, $ 10,000 is the profit received by the client for the month, and another $ 30,000 are funds, additionally deposited to the account during this month. For example, this month the client closed over 110 lots, which means + 2% of $ 95,000 will be credited to his account at the beginning of the next month, i.e. $ 1,900. Cashback is not charged on $ 5,000, which accounted for bonuses and on additional $ 30,000 paid during the month.

In order to accrue cashback, a client needs to maintain a minimum level of trading activity on the account, and also have, according to the results of the settlement month, a number of closed lots that will not be less than the amount of funds at the beginning of the settlement month.

To participate in the promotion, the client profile must be fully verified.

To receive cashback, only trading in Forex and CFD instruments for metals is taken into account.

Received cashback can be withdrawn at any time without any restrictions.

The validity of the received cashback is not limited.

The company has the right to refuse to receive cashback without giving a reason.

The company reserves the right to request additional identification information from the client.

When calculating the total volume of closed positions are not considered:

  • - deleted and canceled pending orders;
  • - deals made at non-market quotes, as a result of technical or software failures;
  • - synthetic locks;
  • - deals are less than MTP.

MTP is the minimum level that the price must pass after opening a trade, i.e. This is the difference between the opening price and the closing price. MTP is measured in points and is 2 spreads for each currency pair.

The company may change the terms of the promotion at any time and then notify its customers in the prescribed manner.

To receive cashback you need:

  1. Top up an account (up to a balance of at least $ 100,000);
  2. Leave an application for raising the status in your account;
  3. Make the necessary volume of transactions every month.

Get up to 29% per annum from the available funds in your account each month.