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Only PLATINUM accounts are allowed to participate 

The size of the insurance bonus can be up to 50% of the amount of customer’s deposited funds. At the same time, the company reserves the right to independently decide on the amount of the bonus provided, including to refuse to accrue the bonus.

This type of bonus is not removable and can only be used for trading.

The term of the insurance bonus is limited and can only serve to maintain a drawdown until the client replenishes the trading account.

In case of non-completion of the trading account within 2 days from the moment of depositing the insurance bonus, all bonus funds, as well as all profits from its use, will be canceled.

After crediting own funds, the insurance bonus is canceled, and the profit received from the bonus can be used for further trading.

In case of violation of the terms of use of the insurance bonus, it can be canceled by the company at any time.

The company has the right to refuse to receive the insurance bonus without giving a reason.