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To operate in the financial markets, global-palace.com offers the modern Global Palace trading platform for PCs and mobile devices, as well as the Global Palace Web browser terminal. Keep your finger on the pulse of financial markets with solutions for PC, mobile devices and browsers.

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Trade CFD Instruments
in the terminal from global-palace.com.

Get the most out of the intuitive interface of the Global Palace trading platform. Work from your PC, mobile device and even in your browser window! All this is possible with the trading terminal from global-palace.com!

PC platform. Download
and install on your computer.

The terminal is designed according to the principles:
all in one window, neutral and
soft colors, convenient control.
Intuitive interface,
trader classic tools,
many indicators make terminal
global-palace.com is a full-fledged companion
modern investor.

Browser Platform. Compatible
with most modern browsers.

Web based trading platform.
Does not require installation. Start
Work is now in your browser.
Excellent solution when a trader
need to enter the market with third-party
computer and time or opportunity
There are no trading platform installations.
Just go to global-palace.com
and open a web terminal in your window

Mobile version of the trading platform
for trading from mobile devices.

Keep up to date with the latest movements on
financial markets with mobile
online trading application.
Quotes online financial charts
tools and the possibility of making
transactions right in your mobile
device. Platform available for
devices based on Android OS and iOs.

After the application is installed, start it and in the list of servers on the main screen, click the tab “UTIP Demo” -> Other server -> Select your server (gp-real).


4 reasons to choose the Global Palace trading terminal.

Classic trading in a modern version.


Work with

Work in


How to choose the best trading terminal for trading?

With certain skills and knowledge, you can get a high income, and the right terminal is a tool for generating this income. If the basic requirements that a quality trading terminal should have:

  • Speed and performance.
  • Functionality.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Security.
  • Mobility.
  • Cross-platform.
  • The Global Palace trading terminal meets these requirements, it is easy to learn, even beginners in trading can learn all the nuances after a few hours of active use.

The advantages of Global Palace

The Global Palace trading terminal was developed by Utip Technologies, one of the innovative software development companies for trading. In 2013, Utip Technologies received the prestigious Best trading platforms award (the best trading platform for trading on FOREX) at the international exhibition FOREX EXPO in Moscow.

Today the trading platform for trading Global Palace provides the opportunity to trade with modern instruments of FOREX, CFD, spot metals, futures, commodities, etc.

The trader can install the program on a PC, tablet or smartphone, and the web trading terminal will allow you to perform operations directly in the browser window without first installing the program.


Clear and beautiful interface - the key factors in choosing a program. The Global Palace platform takes into account the needs of both beginners and professional traders. The colors chosen by the developer and various design decisions form the general opinion about the program.

One of the developers' mottos is down with incomprehensible interfaces and dry numbers. Starting the program, without a guide, it is easy to figure everything out on your own.

Terminal Global Palace is designed according to the principles: all in one window, neutral and soft colors, convenient control. Also, the scalpers didn’t go unnoticed. Terminal Global Palace will allow you to quickly plunge into the world of the market and move on to active trading.

Forex trading

The Global Palace terminal for FOREX currency market traders has a large set of tools for efficient operation. Full integration of Forex trading, stocks and metals in the trader’s terminal. Trading on one account. The choice of trade direction with one click of the mouse. Provided access to all types of orders: 2 market, 4 pending and 2 stop orders.

Pending and stop orders can be placed both in terms of prices and in points from the current price. Order processing technology on the FOREX market - Instant Execution (without asking for prices), without the participation of a dealer (NDD), with access to a liquidity provider (STP). For all transactions and orders executed in the client terminal, a trading report is available in various formats.

Web platform for trading on FOREX

When a great moment arises on the market to open a deal or a trader needs to quickly close a previously opened deal, and you don’t have a computer with an installed platform and the phone is charged at the right moment.

For such situations there is a solution. Use the web terminal, enter your trading account from any computer, even if it is not worth the trading platform!

This will help you the Global Palace web platform. Stylish and modern Web terminal trader. Forget about downloads and installations. Quick start of real trading and instant transition to account replenishment. There is no longer any need to install software or take care of system compatibility: open a browser, launch a web terminal, and trade Forex with the full functionality of a fixed version of the program.

Market analysis

In order to trade successfully, you need to visualize the price behavior of one or another financial instrument. Charts are an integral part of all modern trading programs. The platform developers tried to provide all the necessary visual settings for the charts for the comfortable work of traders. In the terminal, graphs can be sequentially arranged by tabs or displayed all simultaneously in one window.

Charts are based on data obtained from several sources of quotes at once, the platform works via TCP or DDE, the integrated algorithm smoothes the data and filters non-market quotes.

Automated Trading

Charts are based on data obtained from several sources of quotes at once, the platform works via TCP or DDE, the integrated algorithm smoothes the data and filters non-market quotes.

Thanks to the Global Palace terminal, traders have the opportunity to increase the number of profitable transactions by automating trading processes. The Global Palace terminal can transmit a trading signal from any software application.

Try automated trading in the Global Palace terminal and enjoy its benefits.

Appreciate the convenience of the Global Palace and it is possible for you that it will acquire the status of "The Best Forex Trading Terminal"!